The Band

Sophie's World Music is a new World-Folk Band consisting of 5 friends who present a fresh acoustic blend of sparkling influences from Folk, R'n'B and Jazz music.

In times of political and social unrest, the World-Folk band "Sophie's World Music" comes with music to invite the listener into a different world: inspired by the homonymous book of Jostein Gaarders, the Dutch singer-songwriter, front woman and founder Maya Lisa exposes the world of Sophie: a young, uninhibited and indecisive woman who looks at the people around her with empathy and puts herself in their shoes to understand their feelings and believes, with the hope that she can make her own life decisions.


The friendship between the musically high-educated band members of Sophie's World Music creates a refined musical interaction. In an ingenious way, Jonas Vogelsang enriches the music with accessible folk and jazz inspired harmonies on the acoustic guitar. Bassist Stefan Rey, like no other, performs the soul of the double bass and with his incredible timing and phrasing he is a golden combination with the Groove-Specialized drummer Alex Bernath (D). The multi-instrumentalist Matthias Schuller is the perfect addition to this worldly musical recipe. 

Singer | Songwriter

Maya Lisa

Guitar | Songwriter

Jonas Vogelsang

Double bass

Stefan Rey


Alex Bernath


Matthias Schuller

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